More than a jacket

In matters of style the nineties where full of contrasts. In one point though, trendsetters worldwide agreed and that was: Never leave the house without your leather jacket. This was the starting point of MILESTONE`s success story, which lasts until today. MILESTONE is known as an innovative, fashion-conscious and wearable brand creating collections for international customers, who expect quality and perfection at a fair price-performance ratio.

Since the nineties, much has changed in the fashion world, so did MILESTONE. What remains is commitment to the perfect jacket and love for the product. Today, MILESTONE is one of the best-known German jacket brands: Being sold in Italy, France, England, Russia, Canada and many more countries the textile and leather jacket collections from Lenting near Ingolstadt are in great demand all around the globe.

Everything started in 1994. Despite the rapid developments of the following years, MILESTONE remains true to its principles and relies on values that last forever: the best example is the unmistakable leather jacket as a tribute to traditional leather craft. The timelessness of this style is proven by its appearance in countless current collections.

Twice a year MILESTONE successfully present their new womenswear and menswear jacket collections at the Berlin Fashion Week. Characterized by casualness as well as elegance, they aim at confident, sporty men and women who define their style regardless of short-term fashion trends. Casual cuts, lively materials, powerful silhouettes and unusual details stand for the collections of MILESTONE. They are new and modern interpretations of the company’s typical, stylistic features. In addition to wool, fur and textile MILESTONE prove to be pioneering in the leather segment. Elaborate finishings and innovative washings make MILESTONE jackets something special. Created with a lot of creativity and sense for fashion the trendy jackets leave enough space for their owner’s individual personality. No matter if you wear them casually or in a business context they are the perfect companions for her and him. When it comes to designs, high-quality material selection, competent processing or sustainable production, there is no way around MILESTONE as one of the market leaders in jackets. Managed by Gerrit Schweisfurth and Gerhard Bauer MILESTONE is a global brand. The company’s products are available in more than 2.500 stores in 30 countries all around the world.

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